Technical Complain
(APPROVED BY OERC)On January 10th 2001.
1. This “Complaint handling procedure relating to Distribution and retail supply” (Complaint Handling procedure, for short) is adopted by SOUTHCO s in pursuance of condition 18.2 of the Orissa Distribution and Retail Supply License No. 2/99 and approved by Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission vides its letter NO. OERC/ENGG/79/2000 dated January 10th, 2001.

2. Nature of Complaints:
The Consumer complaints are catagorised under seven heads as below:
(1) Voltage complaints.
(2) Interruption/Failure of power supply.
(3) Load shedding/Scheduled shut downs.
(4) Problems in metering.
(5) Billing disputes.
(6) Disconnection and Reconnection of Power Supply.
(7) Delay in providing new connection.

3. Time Limit : A summery of time limits for rendering service to consumers in categories of complaint 1 to 6 are as follows, where as for category no.7 details are prescribed in the OERC (Condition of supply) Code, 1998.

S.No Types of Service Time limit for Rendering Service
(1) Low Voltage
15 days in case of local problems and 6 months in cases requiring augmentation of distribution system.
Restoration following interruption/ failure of power supply.
24 hours in all cases except in case of major failures involving transfers and 11 KV feeders where it shall not exceed a maximum of 7 days. However, the above is subject to the condition that no time limit is fixed under force major condition.
Duration of load shedding /scheduled shutdown exceeding 12 hours per day or counting for more than 6 consecutive days.
Prevent such recurrence within 72 hours of complaint.
Meter problems.
(a) Meter supplied by SOUTHCO Ltd.
(b) Meter supplied by consumer.
Defect to be rectified within 30 days and if meter needs replacement the said replacement has to be made within 30 working days from the date of removal of the meter.
(i) Engineer is required to advise the consumer suitably for testing/repair/replacement within 7 working days of noticing the defect.
(ii) Meter testing, if so desired by the consumer in SOUTHCO’s testing laboratory, is to be done within 15 days of deposit of fees by the consumer.
(iii) Engineer will installed correct meter within 14 days of handing over of the said meter by the consumer.
(5) Billing disputes. 60 days.
Disconnection and reconnection of power supply.
30 days
(7) New connection
Details as prescribed in OERC distribution (Conditions of supply) code, 1998.

5. Complaints before Bijuli Adalat :

........While seeking redressal of grievances, if the consumer is not satisfied with response of the higher officer responsible for the particular type of complaint as mentioned in the above paragraphs, he may file a petition with Bijuli Adalat in the office of the Superintending Engineer ( or Equivalent) in Performa. The petition should be filed in duplicate at least 15 days before the date of Bijuli Adalat in the prescribed Performa together with a self addressed envelop with necessary postage for issue of notice to him under certificate of posting for appearance before the Adalat. (Advance notice regarding holding Bijuli Adalat on a fixed date, including the scope of the Adalat shall be published by the Superintending Engineer (or equivalent) in different news papers for information of general public). Bijuli Adalat, it’s establishment and function is guided by a detailed procedure of SOUTHCO, which is separately approved by OERC.

........The Bijuli Adalat shall comprise of two members; a person with legal or judicial standing should be presiding member and one retried electrical engineer conversant with working of distribution companies/ erstwhile OSEB shall be the technical member. The superintending Engineer (or equivalent) in charge of distribution circle shall be the convener of the Adalat.

6. Complaint before the OERC. :

........It is the endeavor of the company to respond to complaints of the consumers timely and effectively. In case a consumer is not satisfied after taking reasonable steps in accordance with complaint handling procedure as indicated earlier, the consumer has a right to approach the OERC in accordance with the grievance redressal procedure published by OERC. Further in case of contravention of specific regulation of Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission Distribution (Condition of Supply) code 1998, the consumer may file formal complaint to OERC complaint under the provision of the same code

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