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Payment of Bills

89. It would be the duty of engineer or his authorized agent to ensure that the bills are dispatched with ten days from the end of billing cycle and records of such dispatch are duly maintained.

90. The charges payable by a consumer for supply of electrical power and other sums payable to the licensee shall be billed on prorated monthly basis indicating the period for which charges have been levied and the consumer shall pay the bill amount by the due date indicated on the bill or within a period of seven days from the date of receiving bill. If for any reason the consumer does not receive the bill for the billing cycle within two weeks of the end of the billing cycle, it would be the obligation of the consumer to approach the engineer and collect a duplicate bill. When supply to a new consumer is commenced or an agreement is terminated on a day other than the first day of a month, demand charges and other charges as applicable under tariff notification shall be levied prorate for the number of days during the month of which supply shall have been given or agreement shall have been in force.

91. (1) The consumer has to make full payment of bill within the due date even if he raises a dispute regarding the correctness of the bill, provided that the consumer with connected load of 10 K.W. or less shall pay at least the undisputed amount of the bill pending engineer’s decision on the dispute.
(2) The engineer shall resolve the dispute within two months and take action under Regulation 92.

92. (1) If the licensee finds the bill to be erroneous, a revised bill shall be furnished to the consumer indicating a revised due date. Excess amount paid by the consumer shall be refunded by way of adjustment in the subsequent bill. Such excess amount shall be refunded together with interest at the rate of 2% per month from the date of payment of excess amount.
(2) If the licensee finds the bill to be correct, the consumer shall be intimated accordingly and notified to pay the balance, if any, within fifteen days with interest the rate of 2% per month from the due date. If the engineer does not resolve the dispute within two months stipulated in Regulation 91, the consumer will not be liable to pay in the interest on the balance amount. However, if the dispute is not resolved due to negligence or non-cooperation of the consumer, the consumer will be liable to pay interest.
(3) Failure to make payment as provided under Regulation 91 or Regulation 92(2) above, shall merit action as provided in Regulation 96.

93. The billed amount shall be paid by the consumer either in cash or by bank Draft or banker’s cheque, or where specifically allowed by the licensee, by account payee cheques or credit cards.

94. If the due date indicated in the bill for payment of the amount is a Sunday or a public holiday, the amount may be paid on the succeeding working day.

95. The consumer shall first adjust the amount paid by the consumer towards electricity duty provided that incase of part payment, the proportionate share of the duty from the total collection shall be adjusted first. Out of the balance, adjustments shall be made in the following order of priority:

1. Current electricity charges.
2. Current miscellaneous charges.
3. Arrear electricity charges.
4. Arrear miscellaneous charges.
5. Delayed payment charges.

96. Where a consumer neglects to pay the charges or dues or any part of the charges or dues, the engineer may after giving him not less than seven clear days notice in writing and without prejudice to the other rights and modes available for realization of the amount, disconnect the supply until the charges or dues and reconnection charges are paid by the consumer. Failure to take steps for clearance of the dues within a period or two months from the date of service of bill shall render the agreement liable to termination provided that initial period of agreement is over.


97. Payment of the billed amount in time shall entitled categories of consumers, specified in the tariff order under Section 26 of the Orissa Electricity Reform. Act. 1995, to a rebate on such amount for the current billing period. Every bill shall indicate the amount payable by the relevant category of consumer if payment is made within the prescribed due date and the amount payable if the payment is made beyond the prescribed due date. The categories of consumers who are entitled to a rebate and the rate of rates of such rebate shall be determined by the licensee from time to time as part of the tariff as approved by the commission.

Delayed Payment Surcharge

98. Category of consumers to whom delayed payment surcharge is applicable as per tariff order shall be liable to pay such delayed payment surcharge at the rate of 2% per month for default in payment by due date. There shall be no surcharge over surcharge.

Installment Facilities

99. Payment of bill by installments may be granted by the licensee to the senior citizens and disabled in the domestic category on request and on production of proof. In respect of other, the facility may be granted at the discretion of the designated authority of licensee. Grant of installments shall not affect the liability of the consumer to pay delayed payment surcharge till full clearance of the arrears. Consumers availing installment facilities shall not be eligible to avail rebate. The licensee may designate the authority to grant installment facilities.

Recovery of Arrears

100. In addition to other modes of recovery available under the law, the engineer shall be entitled to take resource to proceeding under the Orissa Public Demand Recovery Act.1962 (Act 1 of 1963) for realization of the licensee’s dues if such dues are treated as public demand.


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